Hey-Diddly-Ho! Neighbor-eeno!

Hey-Diddly-Ho! Neighbor-eeno!

Thanks for stopping by my site. The idea that I would start blogging again came around the beginning of March this year — give or take a couple of weeks — for reasons unknown.

The real reason actually was because I needed to stop, take a break, and do something else for a while. Blogging was always a way for me to do that. It offered a couple of different benefits, for me (and possibly you) that I wanted.

First, I liked the idea of writing something, anything, my need to share wasn’t being met and I have a lot of interests. The other thing was that I hadn’t been active online since I got out of college. So what, 2012. I had been busy and though I had a plan to get back on somewhere in the back of my mind it just always seemed to get pushed to the side. It was as John Lennon once said:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

And to a certain extent that is true. Though to actually say that I was planning, well, that would have been a little bit too much credit on my part. I was thinking about it. And, yet, that is a little bit different than making plans. One thing that got slipped into the mix was a marriage, a pregnancy, and a new home purchase that seemed to really eat up a lot of that four years. I am not entirely sure how the time was divided, it wasn’t an equal break. Anybody that has children, especially very young ones knows how much time they take.

Though, when they are what’s happening then you can only call it living. That is life, the thing that we’re all working towards. At least most of us.

I have a couple of different ideas, plans that I would of course like to make work. I, though I am not talented in this direction, would love to learn to knit, sew, and crochet. These are all skills that seem to be disappearing in todays’ modern society. Which is a shame. My grandmother could do all three, and as my hand-me down to my little girl goes to show, very well and durable.

That is about all for today. I have spent about an hour trying to get this first, spectacular post completed. I used to only ever make entries to my pages that were on other sites so this is a premier for me.

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