A Penny Saved

Here are a couple of things that I have learned from getting married, starting a family, and purchasing a home. I have just jotted them down in random order, though I think that it would be difficult to actually place them in order. Categories maybe, but then it really doesn’t matter.

This is just a list of things that you can do to save a little money. Because it really is true, when you look after the pennies the dollar take care of themselves.

Also, I am not suggesting that you actually put all of these things to use. If you find that some of them might work for you then you should see if it is possible to work them into your strategy. But not all of them will be practical.

The trick is to not do everything all at once. You shouldn’t make any big changes from one day to the next, build up, take one small step at a time until you have reached your end goal. Being goal driven is one of those skills that will help you make and stick to your budget.

Start A Garden

This is one of those things that I was talking about that might not be practical for you. You may not have the desire, ability or even the space to start a garden.

The benefit here though is that you will be provided with plenty of delicious veggies all season long. This cuts down on the grocery bill and if you are a health conscious consumer you will also be rewarded with the knowledge that you know exactly where the food comes from you are putting on the table.


If you start a garden then it might be a good idea to actually buy a deep freezer. Of course the there is an initial investment that you will need to cover but the longterm savings are an attractive trade off.

This is especially true if you will be actively gardening. Not only do you have fresh food all summer long but you can put some away for winter.

I also like to free food that I know won’t be eaten immediately. A lot of money can be saved along with substantial a waste reduction, we as a population throwaway about forty percent of our food each year.

On The Topic Of Food

Now that were on the topic of food it is safe to say that if you want to go over your monthly budget the easiest way to do that is by going out to eat.

Dinning out is one of the biggest burdens to your budget and it will leaving you feeling anything less than full when you calculate what you have spent on eating out over the last four weeks.

Even those dollar deals at the local fast food restaurant will prove a burden over the long run. So while you’re preparing your children’s lunch in the morning put together a little something for you and your hubby as well.

Speaking of Money

If you don’t have the money for something it can be tempting to switch to the CC but unless if is something you really need it may not be a good idea to pay with plastic. High interest rates and the temptation to splurge can lead you down a path that makes it difficult to get back on budget.

Get Active

If you find that you are leading a sedimentary life putting a little exercise in your diet will help you stat fit.

Staying healthy is a good way to save on costly medication, Doctors, and even hospital visits.

Pick Up A Book

Pick up a book or two at the local library. They also have movies, music and activities for the kids.

Libraries come with little out of pocket expense but they provide you with a lot of benefits. Unfortunately many families don’t make use of them. This will save you on costly purchases and it can be a great way to cut the cost over the course of your child’s life while infusing a love for reading, something that will serve them well into the future.

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