Stupid-sexy, Flanders.

When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of the same opportunities that my family has. Still that doesn’t mean that things weren’t special. One thing that made […]

Here are a couple of things that I have learned from getting married, starting a family, and purchasing a home. I have just jotted them down in random order, though […]

I think that I should clarify about the Ned Flander’s quote. And before any of you make the guess, yes I am a Simpson’s fan. The series has had its ups and downs over the years. And the last half a decade has left me scratching my head at times but in general when you have as long of a history as that show you can be sure to find something worth watching.

Anyway, the quote actually came from my husband. He is an even bigger Simpson’s nerd than I am so it was fitting that he said Hey-Diddly-Ho! when he came home. Thus the addition to the site. And now you know. We’re a Simpson’s family. Though I feel our values are very different.